Uniontown's Premier Sports Chiropractic Clinic

105 Bierer Lane — Upper Level — Uniontown, PA 15401

(724) 439-1088

Graston Technique


Increase blood flow, restore function & get the treatment that professional athletes get. 

Kinesio Tape


Relieve pain, support joints & help injuries heal faster with Kinesio Tape from Braun Chiropractic.

Active Release Technique


Treat headaches, back pain, sciatica & more with this soft tissue massage technique at Braun Chiropractic.

The professionalism and quality of the service provided by Drs. Evan Braun & Angela Dy was far greater than typical "chiropractic" service that I have experienced since 1970. I would strongly advise anyone who is in need of relief to contact Braun Chiropractic.