"I felt so much better"

This was my first appointment with a chiropractor ever and I'm glad it was at Braun Chiropractic. They made me feel at ease despite my nervousness, and I felt so much better after my appointment. I would recommend them to everybody I know. 

James - Uniontown, PA

“I wish I had them 50 years ago.”

From years of playing semi-pro sports and several surgeries, I came to the Braun’s office not being able to fully bend or straighten my right knee.  After just two weeks of treatment, I was able to have full range of motion of my knee. Before, I couldn’t even walk 50 feet, now I walk 4 miles a day.  I wish I would’ve had them 50 years ago—I may still being playing basketball competitively today!

— Jim - Uniontown PA

"Angela & Evan are so thorough"

Angela and Evan are so thorough in explaining the cause of your pain, and their manipulation helped so much with my sciatic pain during pregnancy. This dynamic duo won't disappoint. 

– Alicia - Uniontown, PA

“They will fix you.”

My 2012 indoor track and field season was cut abruptly short after a sprained hamstring injury left me unable to compete, and my outdoor season looked bleak. I missed nationals, and couldn't run without pain or risk of even greater injury. Thanks to Angela and Evan at Braun Chiropractic, my recovery time was cut down by almost two weeks, I was able to compete during my senior outdoor season, and am now competing at the Division 1 level in Track and Field. They completely salvaged both my season and pole vaulting career. Aside from the fantastic and professional Graston, ART, and Kinesio treatments I received, I also felt totally at home and comfortable at their office. They are great people, and are very easy to be around while you are being treated. I highly recommend and encourage anyone, athlete or not, to contact them and let them help you with your pains/aches/injuries. Angela and Evan are extremely passionate about their work, and I can attest that they will put forth 110% of their efforts into helping every single one of their patients. Bottom line; they will fix you, as they did for me, and you will meet great friends and awesome people in both Angela and Evan along the way. Thank you guys for everything!

— Jake - Uniontown PA

"Highly, highly recommend them for quick recovery"

I had a full tear of my rotator cuff. A month after surgery, I made the decision to go a more progressive type of rehab rather than traditional protocol by local rehab centers (which lasts forever). After 6 visits, I was able to start to prepare for the Crossfit open in February. Well believe it or not I made it to about 325 out of 2000 in my division—after the first event I was 825/2000. Each week during the Crossfit Open I got better as I continued to see Ang and Evan. Absolutely only because of Ang and Evan's work on me was I able to do my normal workouts.  Highly, highly recommend them for quick recovery using their ART/Graston method.  They want to get you back to normal ASAP—not worried about making money but making you healthy period. Any doubts...stop by Crossfit Uniontown and I’ll show you.  

- John - Uniontown, PA

“Far greater than typical chiropractic.”

Over the past 120 days, I have been experiencing major discomfort in my left knee and left calf areas with no relief through typical chiropractic methods. Two months ago I was advised to contact Braun Chiropractic to provide relief to my discomfort, but time didn't allow. This week I made an appointment for a treatment on Tuesday, my discomfort was found to be caused by contraction and tightness of my calf muscles. Through Dr. Dy's "Active Release Technique" and Dr. Braun's "Graston" technique, the first treatment provided me with an instant relief, though the next day the muscles contracted, but the overall discomfort was reduced by 50%. After another appointment on Friday, I found the discomfort to be almost reduced completely the next day. The professionalism and quality of the service provided by Drs. Evan Braun & Angela Dy was far greater than typical "chiropractic" service that I have experienced since 1970. I would strongly advise anyone who is in need of relief to contact Braun Chiropractic.

— Charles - Smithfield PA

"I always feel better as soon as I get up"

I go to see Melissa for acupuncture! She is amazing! I always feel better as soon as I get up from the table! 

- Cindy - Point Marion, PA

“Tremendous improvement after just the first session!”

I have been dealing with a lack of range of motion since injuring my left shoulder twenty years ago. Two shoulder surgeries and multiple months of "traditional" therapy left me with a repaired shoulder with very limited movement. I had been looking for a "cutting edge" approach from the medical community when I came across ART (Active Release Technique) on the internet. There were very few practitioners of this new technique but, luckily for me, one of them was Braun Chiropractic of Uniontown. On my first visit, I met Drs Angela and Evan Braun. They immediately told me they could help, and I was excited to think I may finally be able to move my arm again. Dr. Angela Braun performed ART and Dr. Evan Braun performed another technique that he thought would help me called the Graston technique. Amazingly, and I do mean amazingly, I had tremendously improved movement after just the first session. Along the way they educated me about the joints and muscles and gave me strengthening exercises to do at home. I now enjoy movement that I haven't had for decades and am looking forward to activities which had long been put on the back burner. My eternal thanks to Angela, Evan and their little daughter Arden for the great times I had there!

— Jeff - Grindstone PA